SquidWerks LLC (SQW) (aka SquidWerks Infomedia (SWIM)) is a limited liability company established 10 Mar 2015 by William Jehle to create a single business entity combining his diverse businesses and interests. Why SquidWerks? The name was inspired by a friend who described Jehle as "squid-like with tenticles going out in all directions."

BellyJelly Music - Record label and retail sales channel started in 2003.  Audio / Video - Musical works led to filming the construction of guitars. Video "how to" instruction focused on cigar box guitars led to an interest in their history.  Books - Interest in the history of cigar box guitars led to interviews and years of concentrated study. Interest also led to the acquisition and expansion of the cigar box guitar museum.    arsehole Amplification - Hearing loss from a combination of physical damage, head trauma, and family history led to experimentation in amplification. A long-time curiousity with electronics combined with a funny name has accidentally sparked interest in these custom creations. 

BTW, I am weeding out all of the fluff in these webpages still. I went back to pencil and paper, drew stuff, and typed it up in Notepad. Kickin' it old school.


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